• Last year NARP successfully installed Alfa Laval, Erma First and SunRui BWTS for tankers and bulkers, successfully have supported commissioning for shipowners. And This year already quoted and planned pipe fabrication and galvanization procedure. 
  • When all drawings are on shipowner’s hands  BWTS Installation process can be divided into :  

1.Quoting Stage

NARP review technical specification and drawings provided by the shipowner detailly.

Reporting inconsistencies or errors noticed with regard to the Bill of Materials and Scope of Work Providing detailed cost structure.

2.Prefabrication Stage

Manufacturing of steel elements and pipes (black steel, CuNiFe, SS, Alloy20, GRE/GRP), including anticorrosive treatment Manufacturing and pre-assembly of deck-houses and outfitting.

3.BWTS Installation Phase

Fitting of pipes, electrical cables and steel works (foundation and deck-houses).

Adjusting in situ together with the shipowner/ class society Procurement of any additional materials required Installation of BWTS equipment delivered by the shipowner.

4.Commissioning Stage

NARP assistance and support during the BWTS commissioning phase.


NARP is installing Scrubbers or Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) 

These scrubbing systems have been developed and employed to treat exhaust from engines, auxiliary engines and boilers, onshore and onboard marine vessels, to ensure that no damage is done to human life and the environment by toxic chemicals.